How to Setup DLINK N300 MANUAL 1330 Using the WPS Button

Dlink n300 manual?  There are multiple numbers of configuration method available to setup the DLINK N300 DAP 1330:

  • WPS PBC configuration
  • QRS Mobile App Configuration
  • Manual Configuration
  • D-Link Setup Wizard Configuration
Here we will discuss the WPS PBC Configuration method: for How to Setup DLINK N300 DAP 1330 Using the WPS Button?

Note: For to Connect your wireless Dlink N300 manual Dlinkap 1330 extender and router, you just have to make sure that both are having an inbuilt feature of the WPS button in itself.

  • Plug-in your DLINK N300 Dlinkap 1330 extender in the power outlet and turn on the switch. First, make sure the power supply is serving in a well-connected manner
  • If the Led light of Dlinkap turn on that’s means the power supply working in a good mode
  • Wait till the Led light status turn from red color to amber colour 
  • Now, connect your router cable to the power socket and turn it on 
  • Wait till the Led light of your router turn from red to amber and then finally solid green in colour
  • Press the WPS button of your router and after a couple of minutes press the WPS button of your DLINK N300 DAP 1330 extender
  • Wait till the status of the flashlight turns green 
  • Keep patience for a couple of minutes to change the status of the led light into a solid green state
  • If, the status of Led light turns into a solid mode when the DLINK N300 DAP 1330 successfully get connected with the dlink router
  • If the status of your dlinkap extender led light is still in an amber colour that means the connectivity between the Dlink router and Dlink extender is weak 
  • For to create the connectivity strong, we need to get closer to the router and the dlinkap extender
  • Then, you will see the Lit bars increase that shows the signal getting stranger and after a couple of minutes the Led light turns green
  • Now, you can unplug your extender and place them wherever you want,
  • But be aware that you have to place your dlinkap extender halfway from the router and the dead zone area. That will helps your extender to get connected with the router.
  • Now, your extender is ready to share their network with computer and mobile device
  • Connect to extension network created by DAP-1330 using their SSID (network name) and router’s password 
  • If you want to make any change in their dlink login credentials then you have to login into their dlink router login admin panel through dlinkap. local link
  • And once you accessed that dlinkap. local admin page then go to the advanced and change the password for your network
  • If you want to keep the password the same for the 2.4 and 5 GHz networks then set them in that form but change the SSID name to identify their name 

Click Apply and Save

How to Setup D-LINK DAP-1330 Extender Using Your mobile device?

Here we will discuss How to Setup D-LINK DAP-1330 Extender Using Your Mobile Device like Android and IOS:
  • Install QRS mobile app for iOS and Android device from google play store or Apple App store respectively
  • After completion of the installation, you have to configure your extender.
  • First of all, make sure that your mobile device should be connected with your Dlink router wirelessly. 
  • If not then connect them by going to the Wi-Fi utility of your device.`
  • Scan the Wi-fi and find your activated network SSID name and select that and enter their login details and press connect
  • Now, your device get connected successfully, So now launch your QRS mobile app
  • Click on Start > Click Next
  • Then your QRS mobile App scan and detect your D-LINK DAP-1330 Extender and then find the activated wi-fi network.
  • Now, select the network which you want to extend or else click on rescan if your wi-fi network does not show in the active list
  • Enter the login details of the dlink router login(Wi-fi) password
  • Then click Next
  • Now you have to enter the SSID name and password for the dlinkap extended network
  • Click Continue
  • Creat one Admin password for web-based d’link router login configuration utility, click Next to continue
  • Now, click save for the completion of setup and after completion of setup your device will automatically start rebooting process
  • After completion of the Setup wizard, you can easily get connect your dlinkap extender with any of your mobile device or computer 
  • Just you need to get connect through that dlinkap login details which had set in previous steps
  • You can also share those dlink login details on mail by clicking on the Share on mail button for future references

So, through this article, you get well aware of How to set up DLINK N300 DAP 1330 Using the WPS Button? How to Setup D-LINK DAP-1330 Extender Using Your Mobile Device? Still want to explore more about dlinkap extender then visit dlinkap.local


How do I connect my D Link router to my Extender? How do I connect my d link Wi-Fi extender to my router without WPS?

How do I connect my D Link router to my Extender?

If your router supports WPS then it’s too easy to connect the wi-fi Extender with the D-Link router. Follow these steps to connect your Wi-Fi extender with the router:

  1. Plug-in the Dlinkap Wi-fi extender in the power socket, which one is nearest to your broadband router. 
  2. Check the extender on/off button, if that button is still off then on it. Wait for a couple of minutes for the dlinkap extender to boots up the Wi-Fi and the red light to turn into greed steady light.
  3. Press the WPS button of the router
  4. Press the WPS button of dlinkap wi-fi extender and wait for some minutes
  5. Wait until the light stop blinking and turn into solid led light, the dlinkap extender is now connected with your router.

Now, you can enjoy the network without any disruption


How do I connect my d link Wi-Fi extender to my router without WPS?

Manual Set-up between the dlinkap wi-fi extender and Dlink router without WPS:

  • Plugin the dlinkap extender in the power socket

(Note: the light will turn on in red and slightly start blinking orange)

  • Now scan the wireless network through a wireless computer/device and connect to the predefined SSID (network)
  • Open a browser like Chrome, Firefox, internet explorer, or any other which is available in your system. And enter the URL: dlinkap.local or http://dlinkap.
  • That URL will redirect to dlink router login page (range extender configuration page) and Install Wizard will appear

If you cannot get access through dlinkap.local then enter the IP address must get connected with Dlinkap extender Wi-Fi signal to get access the above site, while these whole processes you don’t have the internet access 

  • d’link router login details: enter the default username and password
  • Now, you get accessed the dlink login admin page
  • Select the Language >ok
  • Click on the option Extend and Existing wi-fi network
  • Now the dlinkap wifi extender scan the network and display all list of available networks 
  • Select the network to whom credential you already have and you want to extend that
  • If the network, we want to get connected to is security enabled, then at the time of connection that wi-fi will prompt your password
  • Enter the password and click Next
  • Here you can specify the name of your dlinkap wi-fi extender which will broadcast
  • Enter the network name for the 2.4 GHz network name field and 5 GHz network name field and enter a new password for Wifi password field

Note: Our suggestion is to keep different the 2.4 GHz network name field and 5 GHz network name field name. Then you will easily identify which one is the 2.4 GHz network and the 5 GHz network

Note: If you see only one of the networks then understand that your device will support that network only

  • Create password for configuration page access. That will help you while making changes to dlinkap extender setting in the future.
  • Review the setting and Click Save then Finish

Conclusion: This article is all about How do I connect my D Link router to my Extender? How do I connect my d link Wi-Fi extender to my router without WPS? You can follow all steps and get connect your dlinkap extender with your dlink router with or without WPS. If still face any issue then visit dlinkap.local for more idea.